Karma May Jerks White Cock at a Gloryhole

Karma May jerks a white cockMeet Karma May – a neat freak who wants to have fun at the gloryhole for the very first time but the messiness of the gloryhole really turns her off . As you can see in this new episode from EbonyTugs.com, her OCD goes into overdrive the second she gets inside the gloryhole so her hook up partner Chris decides to take her to a studio which is so much cleaner and that’s where the two of them get down to some serious interracial fun that ends up with the sexy ebony babe getting splashed with thick man goo.

Chris is not about to let anything get in the way of him getting a handjob from his gorgeous black beauty that’s why he finds them a nice clean studio and then quickly drops his pants so Karma May can focus on stroking his cock. The sweet black teen smiles as she grabs Chris’ white cock in her hand and then she lovingly fondles his balls as she jerks his girth. The fun is just getting started though and this talented cock stroking babe pays special attention to the mushroom head, twisting her hand around it over and over again until Chris can’t take it anymore.

black teen giving a POV handjob Karma May giving a handjob black babe gets her face facialed

Then she reaches down and dips her fingers into her twat as one hand continues to stroke Chris’ cock. Karma May simply can’t get enough of his big white cock and the color contrast between her silky dark-skinned hand and his cock turns her on even more so she jerks him off faster and faster until he explodes, and when he does his creamy seed lands on her beautiful face. You can see Karma May jerking cock and getting facialed only at EbonyTugs.com


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Chanell Heart’s First Interracial Handjob and Facial

Chanell Heart gets a messy facialThese days almost everyone has a sex tape laying out there somewhere and Chanell Heart is desperate to jump on the sex tape wagon so she grabs a camera and thrusts it into her man’s hands and then she grabs his erect pecker and licks it before jerking it hard. This exclusive interracial POV handjob video can only be viewed in its entirety at EbonyTugs.com

When it comes to tugging cocks, no one does it better than Chanell Heart. She knows she can make any man cum with her experienced hands and she’s ready for her turn in the spotlight which is why she’s happy when Mike agrees to let her jerk his cock on camera. The sweet ebony princess grabs his big white cock with both her hands and licks it, wetting it with her saliva before rolling it in her hands as if it were a blunt.

Chanell Heart giving a blowjob Chanell Heart sucking balls while giving a handjob black babe spits on a white cock and then strokes it

The more she rolls it, the harder it gets and this excites her beyond words so she grabs the cut head and squeezes it while sucking on Mike’s shaved balls. Then Chanell Heart looks directly into the camera and smiles as she stokes Mike’s cock and balls at the same time. The friction from her hands is enough to make him burst his load and when he let’s loose, his jizz lands right on her pretty flawless face. If the sight of her tugging his big white cock doesn’t give you an instant boner, the sight of cum dripping down her face and the color contrast between the white cum and her soft black skin will certainly make you explode!


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Brandi’s First Interracial Facial

Brandi enjoys a messy interracial facialAt her young age, Brandi really doesn’t need to worry about her face or body because they are both tight, beautiful and firm in all the right places but this cum craving ebony nympho needs an excuse to play with her boyfriend’s white cock so she tells him she needs a cum facial treatment to maintain her youthful appearance. He of course obliges her as you can see in this new update from EbonyTugs.com and the result is a messy facial so good you’ll be mesmerized by the sight of the white cum on this babe’s flawless black complexion.

Brandi loves feeling cum splashing on her face and she knows that the only way to get that good feeling is by milking her man’s cock so down on her knees she goes and she craddles his cut white prick in both her hands like it’s the most sacred thing she’s ever seen. Then she starts jerking him off using slow but firm strokes and she makes sure he has a good view of her round black tits and extra dark nipples.

Brandi unzips a man's pants before jerking him off sexy ebony babe jerking a white cock interracial handjob picture of a black teen jerking a white cock

The very skilled babe takes time out of wanking her man’s dick to pay some attention to his balls too, gently rubbing them before simultaneously stroking the sensitive mushroom and now hardened balls. Then Brandi uses fast strokes to make the lucky guy explode and when he does, his creamy seed lands squarely on her face! This interracial handjob and facial video is available exclusively on EbonyTugs.com


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Brandi Fox Gets Her Tits Sprayed After Tugging a White Prick

black babe gets her tits sprayed with cumIf you’ve ever wondered what a pair of firm and round chocolate tits look like after being sprayed with cum, then you’re going to love this hot interracial handjob video from EbonyTugs.com featuring none other than the very gorgeous Brandi Fox doing what she does best – sucking and tugging on a thick white prick until every last drop of creamy jizz bursts out of it and lands squarely on her yummy black tits.

Brandi Fox is one of those chicks who always seizes the opportunity when it comes to getting her some dick. She is so horny that even her roommate’s brother is not off limits so when he stops in and finds the ebony goddess alone, she boldly puts the moves on him and he doesn’t fight her off. He can hardly contain his excitement as the ebony cock sucker grabs his cock and pops it into her mouth sucking it ever so gently before cradling it in her hands and tugging it hard.

Brandi Fox undresses before giving a handjob Brandi Fox sucking on a dick Brandi Fox milking a big white prick

She applies a little bit of pressure on the cock as she slides her hand up and down the length of the shaft and she lowers her exposed tits down to the cock level so her nipples touch the sensitive cut head of the prick. Then the sexy seductress tightens her grip even more and increases the pace of her stroking causing the big white cock to explode all over her tits. Brandi Fox is just one of many ebony chicks who love playing with big white cocks and you have a VIP front row seat reserved for you to witness these very hot interracial handjobs only at EbonyTugs.com


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Brandi Fox Vibrates Her Pussy While Jerking a White Cock

Brandi Fox showered with cum after handjobI’m not saying Brandi Fox is greedy but according to this interracial handjob video from EbonyTugs.com, she wants to have her cake and eat it too if you catch my drift. It goes without saying that this is one very horny broad but she is not just satisfied with running her vibrator on her pussy and clit which explains why she grabs her friend’s dick when he walks into the room halfway through her self-loving session and she jerks it hard while still playing that shaved and wet black snatch of hers.

With her long legs spread as far apart as they can go, Brandi Fox gets to work on giving herself some much needed sexual relief. She’s in heat and she needs to cum as soon as possible so she sets her vibrator to the highest setting possible and closes her eyes as it hits all the right spots. She’s none too happy when her fuck buddy interrupts her masturbation session but when she lays her eyes on his big white cock, this ebony beauty knows that she just has to have it.

Brandi Fox vibrating her twat sexy black babe jerks a white cock while masturbating ebony beauty fingers herself while jerking a white prick

He positions himself right next to her on the bed giving her easy access to his hard cock and she jerks it with her left hand while still running the vibrator up and down her extra sensitive clit. When the vibrator doesn’t get her to cum fast enough, Brandi Fox drops it and uses her fingers to finish herself off as a load of cum drips onto her flat stomach from the big white cock hovering over her. You can see this black hottie and others just like her jerking white cocks only at EbonyTugs.com


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Sadie Santana Gives a Tantalizing Interracial POV Handjob

Sadie Santana licks a white cockShy is not a word you would use to describe Sadie Santana because this hot ebony babe loves to show off her sexy body. She has massive tatas that stand erect on her chest and a flat stomach most women would die for but her most impressive assets are her strong arms and long fingers which she puts to good use in this very mesmerizing interracial POV handjob episode from EbonyTugs.com

Some women are naturals at tugging cocks and Sadie Santana is one of them. You’ll feel like a king as you watch her strip off her clothes flaunting her inflated juggs before she slides down on her knees to work on a big white cock. She has a thing for big white cocks which explains her excitement as she craddles this big white cock in her chocolate hands. The tall and slender black babe grabs the balls and gently tickles them while still maintaining a firm grip on the length of the shaft.

Sadie Santana goes topless Sadie Santana stroking a big white cock Sadie Santana giving a titjob

Then she strokes the big cock with one hand while playing with her nipple and boob with the other hand. Watching her fondle herself while giving a handjob will bring you to the edge of ejaculation but the fun is merely getting started as Sadie Santana resorts to fast strokes to coax a cum load out of the big white dick and she does such a good job that a massive blob of creamy seed comes shooting out of the cock and lands smack dab on her big tits. There are plenty of incredibly steamy interracial handjob videos just like this one at EbonyTugs.com


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Chanelle Heart, the Nubian Teen Cock Stroker

black teen jerking a white cockChanelle Heart is a teen on a mission – she wants to raise funds for her troop to go on a trip but her perverted friend John couldn’t care less about her mission since he has some other mission in mind for the sexy ebony beauty. The much older man is on a mission to get his cock sucked and stroked by the teen hottie and as this sizzling hot interracial handjob and blowjob video from EbonyTugs.com proves, he definitely gets that accomplished and a whole lot more.

Nothing in this world is free and in order for Chanelle Heart to get what she wants from John, she has to give him what he wants and what he wants is to feel her hands wrapped around his big white cock. The naughty nubian teen is never one to half-ass anything so instead of just giving John a plain handjob, she surprises him by first deepthroating on his dick before wrapping both hands around it and jerking it hard.

nubian teen sucking a white prick black teen jerking a monster white prick Chanelle Heart tugs a white cock with two hands

She makes him lay on his back on the couch giving him the perfect view of her tiny chocolate tits and dark nipples while she delivers slow but firm strokes to his prick. Then she spits on his cock to lubricate it some more before twisting it in the clockwise and anti-clockwise positions simultaneously. Chanelle Heart is one bad bitch when it comes to getting men off with her hands so it doesn’t come as a surprise that she makes John’s cock explode with her impressive cock tugging skills. You can see this ebony cutie and others just like her jerking big white pricks only at EbonyTugs.com


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Caramel Starr Slurps And Licks White Cock And Balls

sexy ebony babe sucking ballsCaramel Starr is the truth because when she decides to pleasure her man, she goes all in with no reservations. Matter of fact, it’s because of that attitude that we should change her name to Caramel “Ball Licker” Starr because this ebony slut truly gets turned on by sucking on shaved white nuts while stroking a big white cock at the same time. I bet you that you’ve never seen a black chick go as crazy as this ebony slut goes when a pair of round white balls land in her mouth in this sparkling new interracial video from EbonyTugs.com

On paper, Caramel Starr is the whole package because she’s fine as a hell with a tight little body on her, flat stomach, big perky tits and a cute little bubble butt poking out from the back but her true colors show when the clothes come off and she’s down on her knees in between Billy’s legs eagerly waiting to suck and jerk him off. He doesn’t make her wait for long but first she has the pleasure of grinding her pussy all up on his erect cock before slobbering all over it.

Caramel Starr caressing her big boobs ebony babe grinding on white cock Caramel Starr slurping on balls

Then the moment this sexy ebony slut has been waiting for comes and she gets to go ham on Billy’s balls. She licks them like a delicious lollipop and then swallows them twirling her tongue around them as she wets them with her mouth. Then she gently tugs them with her mouth while Billy jerks his own cock and then Caramel Starr takes over and multitasks by stroking the big cock while sucking on the balls. Billy rewards her by splashing his seed all over her smooth caramel skin and you can see the messy interracial cumbath only at EbonyTugs.com


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Sapphire Stars In A Hot Interracial Homemade Handjob Video

Sapphire gets her face creamedGuys like toys and guys like Billy like girls like Sapphire who give them free range to do whatever they want with their toys. In this episode from EbonyTugs.com, the toy in question is a brand new video camera Billy has acquired and he is having fun recording random things until he gets the brilliant idea to record his hot ebony girlfriend jerking his dick. She’s down for it and so the interracial homemade handjob video commerces.

Sapphire was born to be a star and there is no where she shines brighter than in this really hot POV handjob video as she unbuckles her lover’s pants and frees his dick so she can have her way with it. Billy may be the one holding the camera but there is no denying that this black beauty is running this show. She goes straight for the two-hand cock jerking maneuver with one hand tightly wrapped around the head of the big white dick and the other pulling the skin back from the base. Then she grabs her man’s balls and tickles them while stroking the heck out of his dick.

pretty black babe unzips man's pants before jerking his cock Sapphire jerking a big white cock sexy black babe stroking a big white dick

With her hands in prayer format, Sapphire bites down on her lower lip as she coaxes cum out of Billy’s big prick and the sight of the black hands wrapped around the white cock will give you an instant boner but the real icing on the cake is when this sexy babe gets her pretty face blasted with cum, you’ll think you’re standing right in the room and shooting your own load all over her face! The full length interracial POV handjob video and 122 high resolution pictures are only available at EbonyTugs.com


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Adriana Malao Jerking Off Her Neighbor

sexy black babe jerking a cockIf there is a lesson to be learned from the latest episode of EbonyTugs.com, it’s simply that Adriana Malao never does anything for free. When her neighbor knocks on her door needing a ride to work because his car has broken down, the sexy chocolate sista seizes this opportunity to live out an interracial dick jerk fantasy she has secretly been harboring and in the end, both parties walk away very satisfied.

Scot has to get to work but he is having major car trouble so in order to avoid being a no-show to his job, he turns to his neighbor for a ride. Adriana Malao is the gorgeous ebony babe next door who has always fantasized about jerking Scot’s dick so she offers to help out on one condition and that is he must let her give him a handjob right there and then. The naughty black beauty has more than a handjob in mind though as she lubricates her neighbor’s big boner with her own saliva before rubbing her sweet pussy all over the cock in the reverse cowgirl position.

ebony beauty grinds on cock while jerking it Adriana Malao jerking a big white prick ebony beauty giving a blowjob

Adriana Malao grinds up against Scot’s cock while jerking it hard and then she slides off his lap and kneels before him as she covers his balls with one hand and feverishly strokes the head and length of his cock. This babe is not just hot but she is a certified handjob slut who knows exactly what moves to make to get cum spurting out of Scot’s prick. This sexy black chick deserves the good neighbor award for this stunning interracial handjob.


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