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Adriana Malao interracial handjobYou can call her Adriana Malao or the queen of grinding and jerking. In fact if grinding on a man’s cock while jerking it off where a crime, this sexy black teen would be guilty as hell because she grabs Scott’s hard white cock and tugs it hard while gyrating all over his balls and the poor guy has no alternative but to cum hard. You’ll be dying to trade places with him as you watch him pinch the slender ebony babe’s small nipples in this interracial dick jerk video from

Leave it to Adriana Malao to take full advantage of Scott in his hour of need! His car has broken down and he needs a ride from his neighbor but getting a ride from her comes with strings attached. The slender teen babe has fantasized about jerking Scott’s big dick and so she seizes this opportunity to turn her fantasy into reality. As soon as she makes her intentions known, she drops onto her knees before him and unzips his pants, freeing his cock.

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Then she starts stroking it with just one hand, getting turned on as it grows harder and harder in her hands. This is just the start though as Adriana Malao has a trick up her sleeve that’s guaranteed to literally blow his mind and when he least expects it, she straddles him and grinds up against his crotch while jerking his cock at the same time. Feeling the hot chick’s clit hit his erect penis while she jerks him off sends Scott into a frenzy causing him to explode!


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