Ebony Beauties Divinity And Kitty Thunder Tag Team Mike And His Long White Dick


divinity and kitty thunder milking a long white cockThis pairing of the lovely Divinity and Kitty Thunder tag teaming Mike and his long white dick is the must-watch handjob video of the week. The two black babes are so on top of their handjob giving game that poor – or is it lucky – Mike, doesn’t stand a chance against them and in the end, the naughty girls win.

All the fun kicks off with Divinity and Kitty on their knees in between Mike’s legs. His long white prick is standing at attention and the girls know exactly what to do with it. Divinity lubes it up real good and starts slowly stroking it while Kitty plays with Mike’s balls. The slow sensual stroking drives Mike insane with pleasure and he moans his approval and his moans get louder when his hardened balls get tickled and fondled as the grip around his cock tightens. When Divinity needs a break from the stroking, Kitty takes over and unlike her friend, she doesn’t believe in slow wanking and goes straight for the rough and fast polishing tactic.

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The feisty babe pours more lube on Mike’s hard prick and wraps both hands around it jerking it with all her might until she gets him close to an orgasm. Then she slows down a little bit and goes from giving him a two-hand handjob to a one-hand handjob at which point Divinity joins her and both ebony beauties start jerking off Mike at the same time. Having two girls tugging his cock proves to be more than he can handle so he explodes all over their fingers. This is one memorable interracial group handjob that will forever be burned in Mike’s memory and lucky for you, you can view the full length video of the handjob duo at work at


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