Ghetto Black Babe Milks A White Dick Dry


black-babe-queenie-stroking-white-cockQueenie is what everyone in the hood would call a bad bitch because she really is all that and a cup of honey especially when it comes to getting men off. She’s never been down with the swirl but the second she spots the package Billy is working with in between his legs, she’s a goner. The super ghetto tattooed princess immediately gets on her knees and starts caressing Billy’s big white dick warming it up for the rough ride it’s about to endure in her hands. This full length fun interracial handjob video can be found at

When Queenie and Billy first cross paths, he doesn’t reveal the fact that he hasn’t had a release in weeks and his system is backed up with a shit load of cum just dying to shoot out! The unsuspecting Queenie gets on her knees and immediately gets to work on Billy’s big white dick. The color contrast between her dark hands and his white dick turns him on so much that his dong stands at attention. The black babe smiles and she wraps one hand around the base of the cock and the other hand around the tip. She then lightly tugs the cock stretching it to the max before bringing down both hands to the base.

black-chick-giving-white-guy-a-handjob black-babe-queenie-stroking-white-cock black-ghetto-chick-giving-a-handjob

Billy can’t believe just how skilled this black nympho is and he moans his approval as she strokes the bottom of his cock before working her way back to the top. With her multi-colored hair pulled back, the black handjob queen moves closer to Billy’s cock in preparation for the cum explosion she can feel bubbling through his balls and body. He doesn’t disappoint her but rather shocks her with the insane amount of goo that shoots out of his dick!


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