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Megan Vaughn jerking big white cockJoey likes his women black, thick and slutty and Megan Vaughn fits that bill to a tee. The sexy babe accepts his invitation to come over and she knows as well as he does that this is not a social call but rather a booty call. Having some experience in booty calls means the curvy ebony babe knows exactly what her role is and she gets right to playing it in this interracial handjob video from where she grabs her fuck buddy’s erect white prick, lubes it up and strokes it until it explodes!

Megan Vaughn loves playing with big white boners and if you need proof of that, look no further than this video of her tugging Joey’s hard cock like she’s trying to get him to wifey her up! The sexy black handjobber and pro-swirler pulls down on the big white cock as her right hand starts stroking from the top to the bottom and then she pours lube all over it, rubbing it into every inch until all the cock skin is wet and slippery.

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Then Megan Vaughn shoves the slippery cock in between her slightly droopy chocolate tits with dark areolas and she lets Joey tit fuck her while she shamelessly begs him to cum all over her pretty face. Her pleas fall on deaf ears so she pulls the cock out of her tits and kneels before him, tugging his long erect cock while playing with his balls until he spurts his man goo all over her body!


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